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Technology, photography, personal finance, entrepreneurship, software and travel writer

I Have The Best Job In the World

I get to analyze mountains of data, news from around the world and interview fascinating people doing amazing things. How could anyone not enjoy a job like that?!

I write for a number of publications on a variety of subjects including technology, personal finance, photography, entrepreneurship, financial management, outdoor adventure, science, energy and travel.

In addition I cover stories all over Florida, wherever news is happening.


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This was a spec pitch piece for a series called Volunteers:

Two more segments from the pitch piece:
A small grease fire.

The wild goose chase.

The greatest challenge we face today is the hostility toward funding for science and education and the glorification of ignorance fueling a toxic political atmosphere. When we pull together, there's nothing we can't accomplish, no mountain we cannot move. But as long as we remain a house divided, we will fall short of our potential and even small challenges will weigh us down.