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Technology, photography, personal finance, entrepreneurship, software and travel writer

About Me

I got my start in writing and photography in early 80's. Took a break to explore careers in nuclear research, hazardous waste cleanup and a 10 year stint as a software engineer. The entire time I kept my skills sharp writing for magazines, newspapers and local business journals as a sideline.

Recently I got a chance to trade the 9 to 5 cubicle for going full time as a freelance writer, photographer and videographer. It was the best decision I ever made, this is what I was born to do.

Education: University of Louisville - Cum Laude
Masters research at University of Louisville and Washington State University - Biological effects of ionizing radiation

Formerly held security clearances from DoE and DoD

Coverage areas: technology, business, entrepreneurship, debt management, adventure travel, weather, photography, digital media, science and technology.

I can be on-scene anywhere in Florida in a matter of hours and, if there's a large weather event, I have the ability to remain in the active area provide continuous coverage.

Companies I've worked for as an employee include Battelle, SAIC, CST and Cole Technologies.

The greatest challenge we face today is the hostility toward funding for science and education and the glorification of ignorance fueling a toxic political atmosphere. When we pull together, there's nothing we can't accomplish, no mountain we cannot move. But as long as we remain a house divided, we will fall short of our potential and even small challenges will weigh us down.